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As you know, I’ve been trying to find a job that I can work at home. Well, I may not have found one that will completely replace my current income, but I *did* find something that will supplement.

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Why You Should Invest in a Diva Cup

This post is for the ladies. Guys, you may want to skip this one unless you have a lady in your life.

The men are gone? Ok good, now we can get to business.

So a few months ago a coworker was telling me how she tried the Diva Cup and hasn’t gone back to regular feminine hygiene products since. She encouraged me to try it saying it would save me money/better for you and the environment/etc. I was super skeptical. You want me to put what where?!

Well I took the plunge and tried it. They make two sizes: Size 1 is for Under 30/Pre-Childbirth and Size 2 is for Over 30/Post-Childbirth (includes cesarean). I went with Size 2 since I’m both over 30 and have had children.


Holy. Cow.

Y’all know the dreaded “Day 2,” right? Where you go through a dozen tampons in an hour? Don’t cough or sneeze or you’re caught in the Great Flood? Yeah, that day. Well guess what? IT WORKS FOR THAT. The instruction pamphlet says you can wear the cup up to 12 hours a day before it needs to be emptied. On my heaviest day, Day 2, I didn’t have to empty until hour 8. Basically an entire work day!

Finally, no more worrying about carrying a pad or tampon up your sleeve and having everyone ask “what’s in your hand?” Or going on vacation and wondering “do I have enough products just in case?” The Diva Cup can save you from all of that. Not to mention no bleached cotton in your lady garden!

Now the instructions on insertion are pretty easy to follow. I’ve read that it takes a few tries to get it right, but I was lucky enough to get it on the first go-round. And just like a tampon, it feels like nothing’s there! (If you feel pressure on your bladder, then you should take it out and try again)

So getting it in is a cinch. Taking it out? Ho boy. Here’s a tip: Keep. Your Nails. SHORT. The last thing you need is more blood up in your bits. And definitely don’t just yank it out. You’ll want to break the seal and then slowly twist it out. Try pushing it with your kegel muscles.

Once it’s out you’ll want to rinse it out with COLD water first (blood is a protein and will cook in heat), then wash it with soap and hot water. Once your cycle is over make sure you boil it for a few minutes to kill any remaining bacteria. Store it in the little bag it comes in NOT an airtight container. I keep my cup bag in my bathroom sink drawer. Makes for an easy reach when Aunt Flo calls unexpectedly.

So who’s tried one? Do you love or hate it? Or are you on the fence?

Who hasn’t tried one? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

When one door closes…

…Another one is *supposed* to open. But it hasn’t. What am I talking about? Working from home. I spent six months trying to market for an online grocery store but it just didn’t work out.

So now it’s back to square one. Finding a work from home job. Preferably one that doesn’t involve convincing people to buy products or sign up for memberships. I had applied for an at-home customer service job but they wanted me to do telemarketing. No. No cold-calling. I refuse.

On the super small plus side, we’re getting a super small raise this year from the university. After not getting one last year. So, yeah, a small incentive to keep doing my job.

So if anyone out there in the blogosphere has a work-from-home opportunity that doesn’t involve pyramids, selling products, or convincing people to buy things, I’m all ears.

Chilly outside, Chili inside

It’s Texas. It’s February. Therefore the weather is extremely unpredictable. Last night was coooooold so I knew it was time for some chili. Now, I know that some people argue over the true definition of chili, but for the purpose of this post I’m going to go with what is good to me. Your mileage may vary.

First thing’s first: get yourself an Instant Pot. Here’s the one I have

I’m seriously in love with this contraption. My mother-in-law gave it to me for my birthday in 2016 and at first I wasn’t sure how I would use it. In fact, the first thing I made was pureed apples for my infant twins, and that was three months after getting it! But now… Oh yes, I do love my IP. But for today’s story, let’s focus on chili.

Ok so you’ve completed Step 1 (getting said IP)

Step 2: gather your ingredients. Since I have little ones and a picky husband, I went as basic as possible. Two cans of tomato sauce (store brand), one can of pinto beans (store brand), one packet of mild chili seasoning (store brand), and a pound of ground beef (90/10, store brand). Personally I like to sub one of the cans of tomato sauce for a can of stewed tomatoes, but my husband gives me major side-eye if he sees it in the shopping cart (which is why I prefer to shop alone!).

Step 3: dump the entire pack of ground beef into your Instant Pot and turn on the “Saute” setting. Careful now, it gets hot! I find that browning ground beef in the IP takes less time than it does in a traditional skillet on the stove. Maybe that’s just me. Make sure you turn off the Saute setting once your meat is cooked.

Step 4: after your meat is cooked all the way, add the rest of the ingredients. Stir to combine.

Step 5: put your IP lid on and make sure the pressure valve is set to “closed.” Turn on “Manual” and set the time to 20 minutes. It take about 10-15 minutes for the IP to build pressure, then the time will start.

Step 6: when the time goes off you can either do a “quick release” of the pressure valve or let the pressure release naturally. I’ve done both for chili and don’t see a difference. Take the lid off and stir.

Step 7: Enjoy! My husband prefers to make Frito Pie while I’m perfectly content mixing my chili with rice.


So there you have it, my Instant Pot chili. Feel free to mix yours up a bit!



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Asthma is hard, yall

It’s been over two months since Arlie’s asthma diagnosis and we’re finally noticing a trend in her symptoms. Basically she has an attack once a month to every six weeks. *Sigh* At least we’re getting better at catching it early and treating it. I just wish it wouldn’t start in the middle of the night.

It’s been a week since her last attack and I think we’re all finally getting back to normal. Of course nothing has effected Zoey; she’s still running around like crazy.